Fabulous Fords & Buicks

Passion for classic transport started at early age

The passion for classic transport started at the age of 14 with those little 50cc mopeds. Gerard Oud was not allowed to drive one on the road yet but he had one to tinker with, and it was Gerard’s start into the technique how things are build. Gerard also managed to put it back together again properly! One came with others and after a couple of years Gerard had a rather big collection about 70 different mopeds of all era’s.

This all, was the start of a Moped-museum years ago, probably one of the first by then! But this is History now!

Starting with mopeds its logical that when you are 17, a motorbike shows up. And after passing his drivingtest at 18 for car and bike lots of 2 and 4 wheelers came and went. Most favorite were the large body types like the Buick, Chrysler and Plymouth but also small ones like Alfa. Matra, Renault and exotics like Jensen.

At this very moment Gerard is concentrated on the brave American Pickups from the 40-ties till 1975 and then mainly the Pickups made by Ford. The “ordinary” cars are selected from Buick preferred by the coupe models from 1950 till 1954 with the line 8 engine. But also other exotics show up like Studebaker, Hudson, Chrysler, Plymouth and Pontiac, as long as they are with a V8 and coupe body style!

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